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Fritillary Watch - Monday 1st May 2017

North Meadow

Fritillaries have wowed and are now starting to go to seed

What an early spring it has been! The fritillaries surprised us with an early start this year and with the continued warm weather their progress has followed the trend. The peak of the flowering period has now past, with many flower heads turning brown and many others having started to produce seed pods. There are still areas where the fritillaries are in good abundance, namely the yellow route, and in the middle of the blue route... but consider bringing binoculars as the flowering plants aren’t always near the paths now. As the flowers turn to seeds we have noticed more people leaving the paths to get a closer look & photographs, but please refrain from doing this however tempting it is. Damage to seed pods will affect the future seed stock.

We hope you enjoy you visit and please be aware of the following so that you can enjoy the meadow to its fullest whilst helping to protect what makes it so special:

Ensure you bring sensible footwear which will allow you to keep to the paths even if they are muddy, the widening of footpaths leads to wider compaction which affects the ability for sensitive species to grow.

Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on leads and remove any deposits they make. We have skylarks nesting who are sensitive to disturbance by dogs. Also the meadow is a crop and dogs fouling on the meadow effects the quality of the hay crop and in some situations can make animals ill.

Please consider where you park. Please do not park on the pavement as it is used by people walking from the town, and also please avoid parking too closely to the bridge outside the main entrance as it is a deceptively blind corner with fast moving traffic.

We hope you enjoy your time on the meadow and if you have any enquires or feedback regarding your visit please do not hesitate to contact Aidan Fallon, Reserve Manager on 07919 995036 or


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