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North Meadow National Nature Reserve, Cricklade

Would you like to be a Volunteer Warden?

We are privileged in Cricklade to have North Meadow National Nature Reserve; a beautiful low land hay meadow full of wild flowers. North Meadow has for centuries been looked after by the people of Cricklade, harvesting the hay crop that has grown from February to July and grazing cattle, horses and sheep from August 12th to February 12th. It is now mainly owned by Natural England but grazing is still managed by Cricklade Court Leet.

During April the nationally scarce Snakeshead Fritillary flowers that grow in North Meadow attract thousands of visitors; also in June many visitors enjoy walking around North Meadow to see the great variety of hay meadow flowers and insects.

During the busy visitor season and at other times throughout the year volunteer wardens provide a valuable input to the nature reserve.
Tasks can vary from directing visitors to the best place to see the Fritillaries to helping with essential Dock removal or assisting with botanical surveys.

If you would like to know more about becoming a volunteer Warden for North Meadow please call Aidan Fallon - Natural England Reserve Manager - 07919995036.

Help survey fritillaries at North Meadow on 25th April 2017.

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Help survey the relationship between fritillaries and bumblebees.

We are exploring the relationship between fritillaries and bumblebees. Fritillaries are dependent on pollination for reproduction and we think bumblebees play a very important role in this process. As there are only a handful of sites in which snakeshead fritillaries are found, and bumblebee numbers are in decline, we are concerned about the future of these stunning plants. If you would like to get involved with the bee surveys (no previous experience necessary) please get in touch. Contact 


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